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Week in the Life 2015: Thursday

Thursday. Thursday was a rough morning. Maybe it was my mood that was skewing my perspective a bit, but everything just seemed dark and grey.


After a rough drop off getting Liam to his summer day camp, I looked up at the sky (it was nearly black with rain clouds) and thought, “yep. That’s exactly how I feel about today.” And then in started to POUR. I sat in the car with Emily, waiting to take her in to her day care, hoping the rain would let up, knowing I was totally going to be late for my 9am meeting at the hospital, and feeling completely miserable. Then I looked down and found Liam’s Spiderman umbrella looking back at me. I don’t know how long it had been there for, but man, that little umbrella totally saved my butt and gave me something to smile about. It made the cover of Thursday in my album.    🙂


Thursday’s got lots of words. I modified the digital version of that “morning” card (from the AM/PM story kit) to a 6×8 page for some journaling and added a few embellishments from the matching Story Kit. I included pics of the kids eating their breakfast as 3×8’s today.


I’ve been dying to use those big chipboard letters from Ali’s shop on SOMETHING asap. So I added the kids initials to their breakfast pics.


They have a smooth matte finish that was super easy to stamp on and dried really quickly. I trimmed down a piece of the days of the week washi tape here too. I cut a label in half and used it as my page tab on this insert.


Last week, Nicole Reaves posted a pic on Instagram of some really cool journaling cards that are freebies designed by Christine Herrin! Christine sends out a freebie to her newsletter subscribers once a week and these ones were from last week. They were perfect for this spread about the gross morning we were having.


I’m happy to say the sun came out and the day got much better. A little work at the hospital, a little work from home, then a visit to check out a new day care. I stapled on some of the colourful word tabs from the Black and White Story Kit for a page tab here.


A trick I sometimes use to make sure my typed journaling is readable on photos where there’s a lot of colour variation is to create a solid colour block behind the text (in Photoshop Elements) and decrease the opacity of the block so you can still see the photo, but the text also pops. A few “observations” about our evening on the right side. One of the most notable one’s for me is that “food from mom’s plate always tastes better than food on your own plate, even though it’s the exact same thing”.   😉


The day finished up with our routine of a bedtime story.

Thanks again for stopping by today! I’ll be back tomorrow to share our Friday.



  1. Love your project layouts and tips! You are terrific at incorporating digital elements from a variety of sources so I’m curious how you organize them on your computer??! Have you found an efficient way to do this so you can easily go back through elements, brushes etc??? thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Amy 🙂 I keep my digital stuff in their original folders after I download them. I love Ali Edwards’ Story Kits! So I have a folder on my computer for all my digital story kits and subfolders for each kit. That doesn’t really help with knowing what’s in there, but what I’ve been doing as I’ve been putting this album together is keeping a window open from Ali’s website in the Story Kit section. One of the images in the slideshow at the bottom is a full view of the digital kit, so I can get a quick visual to know if there are any elements there that fit my story (does that make sense?). I’ve been doing the same thing with the digital brushes, just keeping a page open from the digital section of her shop to quickly scroll through and see what might be a good fit. It’s like having a catalogue to quickly refer to without having to do all the work myself 😉

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