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Week in the Life 2015: Wednesday


Wednesday might be my favourite so far. Here’s what it looks like…


I picked up this really cool Dinosaur Dig kit (it was part of a 3 pack of Smithsonian science kits from Costco). I knew it would be a hit for sure because Liam is SO into dinosaurs this year. So every morning that week, he would wake up and get right to work. We’re talking 6am (or earlier!), I hear his feet hit the floor out of bed and 15 seconds later, I hear the hammer and dowel working away. It was really a great project! Kept him busy all week    🙂


I typed my journaling and printed the image as a 6×8 photo, added the acrylic “build” from the Build Story Kit, stamped in red ink with the “so awesome” stamp from the Week in the Life kit, and added a word strip (also from the kit). I really love that “real life” card (digital version from the Black and White Story Kit). I enlarged the digital 3×4 to 4×6 to tuck in as an insert.


Lots of stories to tell about our mornings…like how LONG it takes to get out the door in the morning, Emily learning to say sorry, which sounds more like “sowy Miam”, and Liam’s undying love for his bunny (and how it’s always a reminder for me that he’s still a little boy).


My favourite part of the day is when I get to pick the kids up from school/daycare, because for that first 30 seconds, they are SO HAPPY to see me! I included a photo what that looks like for both of them (even though they’re not the best photos, I love those memories).


Here’s the part where I ran out of index tabs and had to put my MacGyver skills to use. I used some of the die cut circles from the “Little things” story kit and trimmed them down to tabs (trying to keep the “love these moments” centred). I stitched them onto the edge of a 3×8 page protector and added a chipboard heart to the seam to stabilize it. It turned out pretty well!


I included a second insert in this spread which is a 4×6 photo of our view from our picnic dinner. We usually go pick up our CSA box Tuesday’s but missed it this week because of my work schedule. So we went Wednesday evening instead and had a picnic (McDonald’s takeout eaten outside still qualifies as a picnic, right?). And that view…. I could sit and stare for hours!

IMG_1111009There’s a few animals we visit every time we go. If you’ve ever seen the Saturday Night Live sketch “Mark Wahlburg talks to animals”, I swear, it’s exactly like that 😉 Emily goes to each animal, one at a time to say hi. “Hi goat!” “Hi ducks!” “Hi chickens!” “Hi bunnies!”. and repeat. I actually look forward to visiting these guys every week too. Some of the journaling for this one is directly on the photos and the rest is on a modified digital version of one of the kit cards.

IMG_1112010A few more photos and stories to finish off the day.

Thanks so much for stopping by again today! I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at how Thursday came together in our Week in the Life album    🙂


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  1. Beautiful. I love your album. So creative, sweet, just a wonderful, and real, representation of your life. I have to go find Tuesday, I missed it. Thank you for sharing. Michelle t

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