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For the most recent project with Ali Edwards’ Digital Creative Team, we were invited to use the digital version of the “Click” Story Kit.


The elements within this kit translate really well to stories about photos and photography, and even beyond that, like about how people click and relationships and ideas. It’s a good one, for sure! (I already have plans to use it again in my next project!) I’ve got lots of ideas for stories to tell, but the one that jumped out at me first was based around the digital stamp that says “this photo has my heart”.

Reading that sentiment makes me think of one of my most favourite photos of all time. No surprise here, it’s one of Liam and Emily 🙂 And when I’ve got a favourite photo, my first instinct is to make it BIG!


(Super cute, right? 😉 How could I not love this photo!)

This photo was originally horizontally oriented. I used the clone stamp tool to extend the top and make it a vertical image (I’ve got a tutorial about how to do that back here in this post), then printed it at home on a full page of 8.5×11 glossy photo paper. I used a few tags from Maggie Holmes’ Open Book collection that co-ordinated beautifully with my photo.


I printed the digital stamp “this photo has my heart” directly onto one of the large tags…and the first round did not go well. The tag had a glossy finish to it and I accidentally smudged the ink before it had completely dried. Round 2…I printed it again on a large white shipping tag (more of a matte finish, worked MUCH better), trimmed the tag to match the size of the original,  cut out the striped detail from the original and added it to my new tag. I also printed a little label with the details of Liam and Emily’s age at the time of the photo and stitched it all down. I popped up my main tag with some foam dots to raise it up a touch above the others and threaded a black and white baker’s twine through the openings to make a little banner of tags. (I really love tags!)

To finish off this project, I stitched a co-ordinating strip of black and white striped paper across the bottom (I believe it’s also from Maggie Holmes’ Open Book collection).  I decided that for this particular layout, I would leave the journaling aside and just let the photo and title speak for themselves.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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