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Video Tutorial: Working with Studio Calico’s Digital Project Life Cards

PBALDWIN_DEC31_2015DATESTAMPS_1_DETAILJust do it = my project life plan for this year. Yes, the Nike slogan from 1988.

How I’m going to do it? Mmmm…not sure. Yes, I know we’re 3 weeks into January and I still haven’t decided how I’m going to approach our Project Life album this year. Last year, I tried a loose and relaxed monthly approach and only finished 2 months of the entire album. And all those photos I took last year? Still living on my computer. That was one of the whole reasons I started Project Life (4 years ago) in the first place!! Because I didn’t want my pictures just living on the computer! So this year, I’m going to just do it. Just get it done. Get those pictures printed and stories told.

And to get started with my 2015 album, I’ve got myself a title page! PBALDWIN_DEC31_2015DATESTAMPS_1

I posted a little peek of my title page “in progress” in Instagram last week, and a few people asked if I could put together a tutorial about how I resized Studio Calico’s Digital Project Life cards from the January “Far Far Away” Kit. So as requested, a little video tutorial! The video will walk you through how I made a digital template for my title page, how I resized the PL cards, how you can make the cards with SQUARE corners (!!) and a few tips for how I print my cards at home. If you’re really only interested in getting square corners on those PL cards, skip ahead to about the 12 minute mark 😉 (Please excuse the number of grammatical errors and “umm”s and the fact that I used clipped/clipping/mask interchangeably and completely incorrectly!)

You can also find the video on YouTube here:

I hope you find it helpful, and would love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions for future tutorials 🙂

Supply List:

Studio Calico Far Far Away Project Life Kit

Studio Calico Far Far Away Printable Journal Cards

Studio Calico Far Far Away Adventure Project Life Stamp (In a Creative Bubble)

Ali Edwards “2015 Date Stamps” Digital Products

Ali Edwards “Memory Hearts” Digital Products

Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protector Design E

Staples Brand Matte Photo Paper

Kirkland Brand (Costco) Glossy Photo Paper

Canon Pixma MG7520 printer


  1. Thanks so much for doing this tutorial Pam! Lots of great reminders (bleeds, I’ve been struggling in printing the last two days with this) and lots of great things I learned. Can’t wait to find some time to practice 🙂 and yay to SC for coming out with digital cards, I got them right away 🙂

  2. Thanks for this tutorial. Resizing cards to suit my needs is something I do a lot too as I also consider myself a hybrid scrapbooker. Everything I know about PSE I learnt from turorials like this one and it’s always nice to pick up a few more tips.

  3. Great tutorial! I was just wondering what version of PSE you were using since it doesn’t look like the one I have. Just an FYI in case you do another one of these…the ALT key on a Mac is the Option key. I also didn’t know that SC had the digital version of their cards, so thanks for that info. I love all your layouts…your style is very similar to mine. Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Helen!! (Especially that tip about the alt/option key, super helpful!) I’m still using PSE 9, most likely moving up to 13 in the next week or two. A new batch of Studio Calico’s digital cards will likely be released on the 27th with the reveal of their new kit. Love that they have the digital option now!

  4. Great tutorial! I was wondering which version of PSE you were using since it doesn’t look like the one I have. Just an FYI in case you do another one of these…the ALT key on a Mac is the OPTION key. I love your style…looking forward to seeing lots more of your layouts!

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