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Good news, bad news…

Good news: My December 2014 album is underway!!! Despite my best intentions of completing this album DURING the month of December, it became quite clear that it just wasn’t going to happen this year. That’s okay though! I took lots of photos and typed up some notes to make sure I didn’t forget the stories I really wanted to remember. So…with my notes and photos ready to go, I’m working on getting some spreads done a few at a time, tackling them in order of whatever happens to be the story I most want to tell at the moment. My first spread tells the story of our very first Kindergarten Christmas Concert, which was incredibly “memorable”. (Yes…quotes are appropriate.) PBALDWIN_DEC10_PROMPTSP1We were all really really excited. It was going so well. Liam was totally into it, which was awesome, because in the past he hasn’t always been a group activity kind of guy. He starred as “Candy Cane #5” for their first act. And for the second act, he found his way to a little opening between kids on stage where he could see us, and danced away, peeking and waving every now and then 🙂 PBALDWIN_DEC10_PROMPTSP2So much fun!

And then…..DISASTER!!

For the final act, all three kindergarten classes performed 2 songs together. The stage was crowded, and Liam was behind another classmate. He wanted to be closer to the front. From where we were sitting, we watched what appeared to be an “unpleasant exchange of words”, followed by some shoving, then screaming, and then it was just way too much for him to handle. He cried for the rest of the performance, right there in the middle of the stage. The little scuffle didn’t last long, but the poor guy was inconsolable. So not only was it his first Christmas Concert, it was also his first (and I pray only) fight at school. Totally broke my heart, especially because he had been having such a good time just moments before. You know that feeling when you just can’t get to your kid fast enough… awful. Anyhow, I was finally able to get to him as he was coming down from the stage for a big hug and some hand holding…and eventually, all was right with the world again.

So CLEARLY, this all needed to be documented.  I’m using Ali Edwards’ December Daily 2014 kit for my album. For this particular spread, I’m also using Ali’s digital “Prompts” stamps in a few spots. I printed the “Remember” & “This” stamps on a 3×4 piece of vellum and embellished it with some of the kit contents to make the title card. PBALDWIN_DEC10_PROPMPTS_DETAIL1I also threaded some of the hand-written words from the stamp set into my journaling (both front and back) for something a little different. And on the second page, I added the big “LOVE THIS” digital stamp directly to the photo before printing it. PBALDWIN_DEC10_PROMPTS_DETAIL2

Now for the bad news…3 spreads in and my printer just died. HA! I sure am hoping to have a solution for that very very quickly…and my handy tech savy hubby is working on it. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! (And just a quick note to mention that those children have ADORABLE little faces, that I’ve blurred out for their privacy 😉 )

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