The Scrapbooker Blog tour…

I was super excited to be invited by Shanna and Tara to join in the Scrapbooker blog tour last week!

So today, I’m answering a few questions and including links to a few of my favourite scrapbooker’s blogs.

A little Q&A:

1. What are you working on right now?

I just finished up my contribution to the “Pen and Paper” class, taught by Laura Kurz over at Studio Calico 🙂 Class starts today, and I am so excited!! A little peek at my layout…

pen and paper sneak2

…and Liam starts Kindergarten this week! (that really snuck up on me) I’ve got a big pile of pre-school photos sitting on my desk that need to get turned into layouts ASAP. Wish me luck!

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

I think I’m probably one of the world’s slowest scrappers. Seriously! If I’m lucky, I can get 1 layout done in an evening sitting of 3 hours….but most of my projects start and stop and start again over a few days…

3. What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?

Birthday girl

Big pictures, transparencies, and wood veneer. ALWAYS wood veneer!

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Pen and paper sneak

It starts with the story….always the story.  Sometimes it can be told best with photos, sometimes words, and sometimes both. I’m definitely a planner. I usually start with some notes and a sketch on plain white paper, but sometimes I just jump right to the computer and start playing with pictures in Photoshop Elements. I tend to spend a lot of time shuffling things around the page before I settle on where I want everything to go.

5. How do I become and stay inspired?

The Studio Calico website is a daily stop for me, whether it’s to check out the blog, browse the member gallery or see what everyone’s talking about on the message boards. Love it! I also have a Pinterest board for pinning images that could inspire a layout.

6. What is my signature style?

I’m not entirely sure I have a signature style just yet, but I sure do like big pictures…

Let her sleep To Infinity and Beyond






and white with pops of colour…

Googly Eyed Monster

So back to that question about inspiration… There are some really REALLY inspiring story tellers out there! Here are links to a few of my favourites:

Marie Lottermoser (or MarieL) has the most incredible modern-vintage style. Her photography is amazing and her December Daily albums are definitely among the top of my favourites! I can’t wait to see what she does this year!

Marie L’s December Daily 2012

Melanie Louette (Melanie’s Studio Calico gallery) is INCREDIBLE! I fell in love with her layouts the very first time I saw them and have loved every. single. one since then.

The first layout I ever saw of Melanie’s…it was love at first sight!

Magdalena Hanell (aka Rockermorsan) is brilliant! Seriously BRILLIANT! And definitely one to follow…

One of my favourites by Magdalena!

These ladies are so inspiring! I do hope you’ll go check them out 🙂

And speaking of inspirational, I couldn’t possibly tell you about my favourite story tellers without making SURE you know Ali Edwards. One day, many many years ago, I saw Ali’s article in a Creating Keepsakes magazine and that’s what got me started in this memory keeping hobby.  Her whole scrapbooking philosophy is about keeping the focus on telling your stories, and it’s incredible! She just relaunched her website and I am so excited to see what’s coming next.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



  1. Thank you so much for picking me as one of your favorites. And what amazing company I have! Also your project for the “Pen and Paper” class was absolutely brilliant. Stressing me out about ,my own even more, haha!

    1. Magdalena, you have nothing to stress about!! Just do what you always do, that’s why we love you 🙂

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