Love Story

I love our stories. I really really do. And that’s why I love this scrapbooking hobby so much!! Because I get to preserve and remember both the little ones and the big ones. This month, I’ve been working with Ali Edwards’ February Digital Kit. And somehow, pieces of the universe have aligned to make me see all the little love stories going on around me. A big one these days (one that is not new, but not always present either) is the love story between Liam and Emily in their big brother/little sister relationship. Knowing what story to tell for this one was so easy, but deciding on a design… lets just say that today I’m sharing 3 versions of the same layout.


A really important part of this story was the photos that go along with it. Liam and Emily were deeply into a pretend scenario of being doctors and getting ready for “doctor school”. I asked them to stand against the wall so I could take a photo of them for their ID badges, because clearly ALL doctors have to have an ID badge 😉 They were more than happy to agree and stood side by side as I snapped a few photos with my phone. It was on the 5th snap that Emily leaned over to Liam and whispered “I love you”. And the pictures that followed, that’s what love looks like!! His face transforms with a giant smile and even Emily lights up. A perfect little moment and a super lucky capture.

So I started this project the way I usually do, playing on my computer. I created a photo grid to be able to organize the photos in sequence and used numbers from the digital “Numbers” kit, pulling the colours from another card in the February Digital kit. I started with 8.5×11, because that’s my go to, but I struggled finding the right size and scale to create a well balanced layout. I worked and reworked this one so many times, I wound up with 3 different versions of the same thing. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration for your own projects. Here we go:

  1. 8.5 x 11The thing I love most about this one is the colourful title and embellishment clusters!! The first time around, I printed the left page on a sheet of matte photo paper and it felt like too much white space. I couldn’t figure out how to add a bit more visual interest and balance. After playing around a bit, I trimmed about an inch off the white paper and mounted it onto pink cardstock. I also printed the chipboard hearts from the kit onto matte photo paper and punched them out to build a few little embellishment clusters. And now I kind of love this version…
  2. 12×12As I was struggling with the 8.5×11 design, I spotted the film grid from a previous Studio Calico kit on my desk and thought “ooooh, this might work!”. I already had the photos and numbers printed from a previous attempt, and it turned out the fit pretty much perfectly! I reworked the title and journaling to fit down the right side of the grid and mounted all the pieces onto a 12×12 sheet of cardstock. I liked it…but it didn’t really feel like a great way to show off the kit elements because there was just that one digital stamp there. I moved on to a third attempt with a different size, but went back and added a few more of the heart circles. I have to say, that extra little pop of hearts really does help.
  3. 6×86×8!!! The scale of elements feels like a much better fit in this size. I put together a quick video tutorial to share how I recoloured the digital stamp for the title, so if that’s something you’re wondering about, feel free to check it out 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’ll be sharing our Project Life Week 6 tomorrow with more elements from the February Digital Kit 🙂

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Week in the Life 2015: Tuesday

Hi guys! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my post from yesterday 🙂 This community of memory keepers is seriously wonderful. It’s so cool to be able to connect with people who “get it” and see the value in documenting and telling our stories. I so appreciate that you come here and take the time to listen to my stories AND share your own! Thank you so much!

Here’s what we were up to Tuesday August 18th…


This was not really a “typical week” for us. I usually work part time, 3 days at the hospital and stay home with Emily the other 2 days, but this particular week was a full work week. The flip side of my little journaling pocket is a printed, enlarged digital card from the Black and White story kit. And on the right side of this spread, I went with a 6×8 full page photo that had lots of white space and added some digital art from the Week in the Life digital templates. There’s that black and white and yellow combo again (love!) with a strip of striped paper and chipboard star stapled on.

IMG_1069002During the actual week of August 17th-23rd, I spent a bit of time in the evenings typing up some notes about the events of the day in a Word document. It gave me a chance to reflect on some of the little details. Details about how Liam and Emily interact with each other, how bathroom time is never really private time (I did a layout about that one), and things like what we listen to in the car in the morning. Those things are hard to capture with photos alone and I love having them written down. As I was putting my album together, I was SO GLAD I DID THAT!! I was able to copy and past big chunks of text directly onto my photos and it saved me a ton of time. I fell off the wagon of my note typing routine by the Thursday afternoon and don’t have quite as many, but still, I will definitely do that again next year and probably throughout December for my December Daily album this year.

IMG_1077005I have a little voice in my head when I’m doing this kind of documentation that says, “don’t forget to make sure you get in the pictures too!”. I try to make good use of the self timer on my camera and my phone, and use whatever happens to be in the area to prop my camera up. I know one of the “rules of photography” is that you’re not really supposed to cut off people’s heads 😉 I end up with a lot of photos with my own head cut off and I’m totally cool with that! I feel like those photos tell a different kind of story and you get a different perspective on the environment. This photo of us getting our shoes on to go in the morning might be one of my favourites from the week. I propped my camera up on one of the kids chairs sitting near the front entrance and set the timer to get it. So in my photo, I wound up with all that green space from the chair and it was the perfect spot to add my journaling. I’m also kind of in love with this particular little embellishment cluster with pieces from the Week in the Life Kit and the am/pm Story Kit.

IMG_1072003See? Another “headless” selfie of me eating lunch 🙂 This project is definitely very photo heavy, but there’s still lots of space to include the words right on the photos.

IMG_1073004I really like how this little embellishment cluster turned out too, all from the Week in the Life kit.

IMG_1079006My parents really helped me out this week by picking up the kids from daycare in the evening while I was still at work. They gave me some much needed kid free time to get groceries and enjoy a few minutes of quiet. You’d think looking at that 3×8 insert that I have 12 foot ceilings or something, but I don’t 🙂 I added some extra white space here to accommodate my journaling using this trick, and I really like how it turned out.

IMG_1080007On the flip side of the insert, I added my journaling to the white space of the photo again but I turned it around to run vertically up the side of the page. Just something a little different and fun. The second insert in this spread is an enlarged digital card turned printable from the Black and White story kit, with some stickers, that echo the sentiments of the journaling on the photo.

IMG_1081008I’m really having fun playing with rotating the orientation of my text for a different look. This is also a digital journaling card enlarged to a 4×6 canvas and rearranged a bit to add more space for journaling. I put together a super quick video to show you how I did that.

IMG_1084010My last page for the day is a 6×8 photo trimmed to 2- 4×6’s with a wood veneer embellishment from the Build Story Kit.

Thank you again for stopping by today! I’ll be back tomorrow with more of Wednesday’s spread.

Real Life Looks Like This…

Hi guys! I’m so happy to be back in this space again to share a new scrapbook layout with you 🙂 It’s been a very VERY long time. I’ve worked on a few projects here and there in the last few months but life has been CRAZY. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be settling in to some semblance of “normal” again. And after all the challenges our family has faced this year, I feel more thankful than ever to be documenting what “normal” looks like right now. So here we go…

Real life looks like this.PBALDWIN_SEPT16_BLACK&WHITE STORY KIT

The inspiration to tell this story came from my love for that 3×4 journaling card in Ali Edwards’ Black & White Story Kit (September’s kit).


Seriously. Even though it’s not “all about the products”, every month I find inspiration from the elements in these kits that spark new stories to tell (exactly as they’re meant to!). I saw that card and HAD to use it! I went scrolling through my photo library and came across a photo I snapped with my phone.  It’s just the three of us (+ the cat), getting ready in the morning. It isn’t necessarily one I’d be inspired to scrapbook, but it’s a little snapshot of our real life. I find myself reminding my kids pretty much everyday that “bathroom time is private time”… which I’m pretty sure they hear as “bathroom time is family time.” Real life people. And that’s what this story is about.

I used the digital version of the Black and White Story Kit to bring this layout together and filmed a quick video to share what it looks like to use the digital products as printables in my process.

My favourite way to add a little texture and dimension to digital elements turned printable is with foam pop dots to lift elements off the page. I also used my Tiny Attacher on this layout where the staples served a functional purpose, but also worked as an embellishment. I mentioned in my video that I thought I would probably add some stitching, but decided in the end to leave it. My finished layout is a little different from where I left off in the video. I added this awesome days of the week Washi tape across the bottom and rearranged a few elements here and there. I’m happy to have captured this little slice of “normal” right now.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Video Tutorial: Goodnight Moon

Hey guys! I wanted to extend a big thank you to the awesome Studio Calico community for your support and enthusiasm for my Goodnight Moon layout, which has been selected as the “layout of the week”! Thank you so much!! PBALDWIN_JAN28_EVERYONEHASASTORYI received a question about how this layout came together, or more specifically, which parts are digital and which parts are paper. So I’ve whipped up a quick little video walk-through to break it down a bit more.

This layout is made with digital products from Ali Edwards’ “Everyone Has A Story” set, as well as paper products from the Studio Calico Far Far Away Scrapbook Kit (patterned paper), Project Life Kit (pink chipboard hearts with gold flecks), and Ivy Tower Add-on (that’s where the little moon and big letter “E” came from!).

PBALDWIN_JAN28_EVERYONEHASASTORY_DETAIL2Here’s a closer peek at the story 🙂 (and yes, I know there’s a typo…hate when that happens!) The font in the journaling here is “Avenir”.PBALDWIN_JAN28_EVERYONEHASASTORY_DETAIL1A

This little cluster of the moon with the heart and the gold  splatters and the “little stories” banner just might be my favourite. The title font is “Franklin Gothic”

Please feel free to ask your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!!

Thanks again for all your support! It is sincerely appreciated 🙂


Video Tutorial: Working with Studio Calico’s Digital Project Life Cards

PBALDWIN_DEC31_2015DATESTAMPS_1_DETAILJust do it = my project life plan for this year. Yes, the Nike slogan from 1988.

How I’m going to do it? Mmmm…not sure. Yes, I know we’re 3 weeks into January and I still haven’t decided how I’m going to approach our Project Life album this year. Last year, I tried a loose and relaxed monthly approach and only finished 2 months of the entire album. And all those photos I took last year? Still living on my computer. That was one of the whole reasons I started Project Life (4 years ago) in the first place!! Because I didn’t want my pictures just living on the computer! So this year, I’m going to just do it. Just get it done. Get those pictures printed and stories told.

And to get started with my 2015 album, I’ve got myself a title page! PBALDWIN_DEC31_2015DATESTAMPS_1

I posted a little peek of my title page “in progress” in Instagram last week, and a few people asked if I could put together a tutorial about how I resized Studio Calico’s Digital Project Life cards from the January “Far Far Away” Kit. So as requested, a little video tutorial! The video will walk you through how I made a digital template for my title page, how I resized the PL cards, how you can make the cards with SQUARE corners (!!) and a few tips for how I print my cards at home. If you’re really only interested in getting square corners on those PL cards, skip ahead to about the 12 minute mark 😉 (Please excuse the number of grammatical errors and “umm”s and the fact that I used clipped/clipping/mask interchangeably and completely incorrectly!)

You can also find the video on YouTube here:

I hope you find it helpful, and would love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions for future tutorials 🙂

Supply List:

Studio Calico Far Far Away Project Life Kit

Studio Calico Far Far Away Printable Journal Cards

Studio Calico Far Far Away Adventure Project Life Stamp (In a Creative Bubble)

Ali Edwards “2015 Date Stamps” Digital Products

Ali Edwards “Memory Hearts” Digital Products

Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protector Design E

Staples Brand Matte Photo Paper

Kirkland Brand (Costco) Glossy Photo Paper

Canon Pixma MG7520 printer

Love love love this!

I decided to try something new today! I made a video to show my process for making a hybrid scrapbook page and how I used Ali Edwards’ digital “Prompt” stamps to make the title for this layout.

love love love this Here’s the link 🙂

Love This by Pam Baldwin

And my supply list:





Photoshop Elements (free trial)

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