Week in the Life 2015: Saturday


Ah Saturdays! Saturdays run at a much different pace than the rest of the week. If you think that means sleeping in, you would be incorrect. There’s no such thing as “sleeping in” with my two early bird munchkins. But we do get to hang out in our jammies a LOT longer. I’ll take it! Saturday’s mean there’s more time to make breakfast. When I ask the kids what they’d like for breakfast in the morning, the answer is almost always pancakes!


I mentioned yesterday that I’m running low on page protectors. The Week in the Life 6×8 digital templates  were the perfect solution to still be able to include lots of photos and journaling.


This is just one of 7 collage options included in the set (a selection of digital word art comes with the templates too that you can mix and match with different arrangements). I used this grid template to make a hybrid page, printing my journaling onto patterned paper and sticking it onto my printed photo grid, adding a bit of stitching and the “Saturday” washi strip.


Our go-to pancake recipe came from one of my best friends a few years ago. We stayed overnight and she made us these pancakes for breakfast. They were the best pancakes I’ve ever had so she wrote down the recipe for us. It’s been very well used, as you can see.


I scanned the original paper, tears and stains and all, shrunk it down a bit and printed it on matte photo paper to include in my album.


This wasn’t an overly eventful Saturday. My parents took the kids out for a fun afternoon at the Bronte Creek playbarn. I remember having such an awesome time there as a kid and I think it’s really cool that they get to go enjoy it now too. I stayed home to try to catch up on some other projects (without much luck!). They brought dinner home with them and we had a good time just hanging out for a bit. Emily distributed stickers as body art to everyone, including herself. Liam showed us all his “tricks”.


And then it was time for bed! Emily was completely zonked from her fun filled day and fell asleep while I was still rocking her. Liam and I hopped into my bed with some popcorn and watched a movie.

What is not to love about Saturdays… seriously! So thankful for this day.

One more day to go! I’ll be back tomorrow to share our Sunday. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Week in the Life 2015: Friday

Fri-yay! IMG_1149001

Last chance to capture some of the details of our Monday-Friday life. All the usual stuff like driving to summer day camp, daycare, what work life looks like and the start of our weekend made it into this spread.


At this point, I’m running low on page protectors, I’m out of traditional index tabs, and my typed notes for journaling have dropped off to nil. Just means I have to get a bit more creative!


It wasn’t intentionally planned, but I love the way all the layers of my inserts turned out. In place of index tabs, I used chipboard strips, labels, and stitched on a folded over strip of journaling (you’ll see it in more detail a little further down).


The first insert is a shot of Liam and Emily heading into school with their backpacks. Liam usually races ahead and Emily and I follow behind, carrying his.


On the right side, I had a little fun playing with another one of Christine Herrin’s freebie journaling cards. It’s like a mini-layout (app 4.5 x 6) of me working on the computer (a work from home day). I cut a label in half and attached it to the edge in place of a traditional index tab here (along with a bit of stitching).


At the end of the day, we kicked off the weekend by picking up a pizza and heading to the park for a picnic dinner and some play time. The kids were way more interested in playing than eating dinner…and chasing the seagulls trying to steal our pizza. I trimmed down a page protector with 2×2 squares and printed out a strip of journaling, then stitched it to the edge.  The photos are sized 1.9 x 1.9, front one’s are Liam playing and Emily’s on the back.


The strip is folded over with journaling on the front and back. It’s hard to see in this photo, but there are transparent letters (from Studio Calico’s Wink Wink Scrapbook Kit) tucked into the pockets alongside the photos that are fun and playful   🙂


Sometimes, Liam takes his big brother role very seriously. He likes to push her on the swings, and she loves to swing. Win-win!


After dinner, we went to visit with friends for an outdoor movie night…


and the kids were totally zonked, falling asleep in the car on the way home. Great way to spend a Friday night!

Here’s a clearer look at all of those inserts.


Just 2 more days to go! Thanks again for stopping by today 🙂


Week in the Life 2015: Thursday

Thursday. Thursday was a rough morning. Maybe it was my mood that was skewing my perspective a bit, but everything just seemed dark and grey.


After a rough drop off getting Liam to his summer day camp, I looked up at the sky (it was nearly black with rain clouds) and thought, “yep. That’s exactly how I feel about today.” And then in started to POUR. I sat in the car with Emily, waiting to take her in to her day care, hoping the rain would let up, knowing I was totally going to be late for my 9am meeting at the hospital, and feeling completely miserable. Then I looked down and found Liam’s Spiderman umbrella looking back at me. I don’t know how long it had been there for, but man, that little umbrella totally saved my butt and gave me something to smile about. It made the cover of Thursday in my album.    🙂


Thursday’s got lots of words. I modified the digital version of that “morning” card (from the AM/PM story kit) to a 6×8 page for some journaling and added a few embellishments from the matching Story Kit. I included pics of the kids eating their breakfast as 3×8’s today.


I’ve been dying to use those big chipboard letters from Ali’s shop on SOMETHING asap. So I added the kids initials to their breakfast pics.


They have a smooth matte finish that was super easy to stamp on and dried really quickly. I trimmed down a piece of the days of the week washi tape here too. I cut a label in half and used it as my page tab on this insert.


Last week, Nicole Reaves posted a pic on Instagram of some really cool journaling cards that are freebies designed by Christine Herrin! Christine sends out a freebie to her newsletter subscribers once a week and these ones were from last week. They were perfect for this spread about the gross morning we were having.


I’m happy to say the sun came out and the day got much better. A little work at the hospital, a little work from home, then a visit to check out a new day care. I stapled on some of the colourful word tabs from the Black and White Story Kit for a page tab here.


A trick I sometimes use to make sure my typed journaling is readable on photos where there’s a lot of colour variation is to create a solid colour block behind the text (in Photoshop Elements) and decrease the opacity of the block so you can still see the photo, but the text also pops. A few “observations” about our evening on the right side. One of the most notable one’s for me is that “food from mom’s plate always tastes better than food on your own plate, even though it’s the exact same thing”.   😉


The day finished up with our routine of a bedtime story.

Thanks again for stopping by today! I’ll be back tomorrow to share our Friday.


Week in the Life 2015: Wednesday


Wednesday might be my favourite so far. Here’s what it looks like…


I picked up this really cool Dinosaur Dig kit (it was part of a 3 pack of Smithsonian science kits from Costco). I knew it would be a hit for sure because Liam is SO into dinosaurs this year. So every morning that week, he would wake up and get right to work. We’re talking 6am (or earlier!), I hear his feet hit the floor out of bed and 15 seconds later, I hear the hammer and dowel working away. It was really a great project! Kept him busy all week    🙂


I typed my journaling and printed the image as a 6×8 photo, added the acrylic “build” from the Build Story Kit, stamped in red ink with the “so awesome” stamp from the Week in the Life kit, and added a word strip (also from the kit). I really love that “real life” card (digital version from the Black and White Story Kit). I enlarged the digital 3×4 to 4×6 to tuck in as an insert.


Lots of stories to tell about our mornings…like how LONG it takes to get out the door in the morning, Emily learning to say sorry, which sounds more like “sowy Miam”, and Liam’s undying love for his bunny (and how it’s always a reminder for me that he’s still a little boy).


My favourite part of the day is when I get to pick the kids up from school/daycare, because for that first 30 seconds, they are SO HAPPY to see me! I included a photo what that looks like for both of them (even though they’re not the best photos, I love those memories).


Here’s the part where I ran out of index tabs and had to put my MacGyver skills to use. I used some of the die cut circles from the “Little things” story kit and trimmed them down to tabs (trying to keep the “love these moments” centred). I stitched them onto the edge of a 3×8 page protector and added a chipboard heart to the seam to stabilize it. It turned out pretty well!


I included a second insert in this spread which is a 4×6 photo of our view from our picnic dinner. We usually go pick up our CSA box Tuesday’s but missed it this week because of my work schedule. So we went Wednesday evening instead and had a picnic (McDonald’s takeout eaten outside still qualifies as a picnic, right?). And that view…. I could sit and stare for hours!

IMG_1111009There’s a few animals we visit every time we go. If you’ve ever seen the Saturday Night Live sketch “Mark Wahlburg talks to animals”, I swear, it’s exactly like that 😉 Emily goes to each animal, one at a time to say hi. “Hi goat!” “Hi ducks!” “Hi chickens!” “Hi bunnies!”. and repeat. I actually look forward to visiting these guys every week too. Some of the journaling for this one is directly on the photos and the rest is on a modified digital version of one of the kit cards.

IMG_1112010A few more photos and stories to finish off the day.

Thanks so much for stopping by again today! I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at how Thursday came together in our Week in the Life album    🙂


Week in the Life 2015: Tuesday

Hi guys! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my post from yesterday 🙂 This community of memory keepers is seriously wonderful. It’s so cool to be able to connect with people who “get it” and see the value in documenting and telling our stories. I so appreciate that you come here and take the time to listen to my stories AND share your own! Thank you so much!

Here’s what we were up to Tuesday August 18th…


This was not really a “typical week” for us. I usually work part time, 3 days at the hospital and stay home with Emily the other 2 days, but this particular week was a full work week. The flip side of my little journaling pocket is a printed, enlarged digital card from the Black and White story kit. And on the right side of this spread, I went with a 6×8 full page photo that had lots of white space and added some digital art from the Week in the Life digital templates. There’s that black and white and yellow combo again (love!) with a strip of striped paper and chipboard star stapled on.

IMG_1069002During the actual week of August 17th-23rd, I spent a bit of time in the evenings typing up some notes about the events of the day in a Word document. It gave me a chance to reflect on some of the little details. Details about how Liam and Emily interact with each other, how bathroom time is never really private time (I did a layout about that one), and things like what we listen to in the car in the morning. Those things are hard to capture with photos alone and I love having them written down. As I was putting my album together, I was SO GLAD I DID THAT!! I was able to copy and past big chunks of text directly onto my photos and it saved me a ton of time. I fell off the wagon of my note typing routine by the Thursday afternoon and don’t have quite as many, but still, I will definitely do that again next year and probably throughout December for my December Daily album this year.

IMG_1077005I have a little voice in my head when I’m doing this kind of documentation that says, “don’t forget to make sure you get in the pictures too!”. I try to make good use of the self timer on my camera and my phone, and use whatever happens to be in the area to prop my camera up. I know one of the “rules of photography” is that you’re not really supposed to cut off people’s heads 😉 I end up with a lot of photos with my own head cut off and I’m totally cool with that! I feel like those photos tell a different kind of story and you get a different perspective on the environment. This photo of us getting our shoes on to go in the morning might be one of my favourites from the week. I propped my camera up on one of the kids chairs sitting near the front entrance and set the timer to get it. So in my photo, I wound up with all that green space from the chair and it was the perfect spot to add my journaling. I’m also kind of in love with this particular little embellishment cluster with pieces from the Week in the Life Kit and the am/pm Story Kit.

IMG_1072003See? Another “headless” selfie of me eating lunch 🙂 This project is definitely very photo heavy, but there’s still lots of space to include the words right on the photos.

IMG_1073004I really like how this little embellishment cluster turned out too, all from the Week in the Life kit.

IMG_1079006My parents really helped me out this week by picking up the kids from daycare in the evening while I was still at work. They gave me some much needed kid free time to get groceries and enjoy a few minutes of quiet. You’d think looking at that 3×8 insert that I have 12 foot ceilings or something, but I don’t 🙂 I added some extra white space here to accommodate my journaling using this trick, and I really like how it turned out.

IMG_1080007On the flip side of the insert, I added my journaling to the white space of the photo again but I turned it around to run vertically up the side of the page. Just something a little different and fun. The second insert in this spread is an enlarged digital card turned printable from the Black and White story kit, with some stickers, that echo the sentiments of the journaling on the photo.

IMG_1081008I’m really having fun playing with rotating the orientation of my text for a different look. This is also a digital journaling card enlarged to a 4×6 canvas and rearranged a bit to add more space for journaling. I put together a super quick video to show you how I did that.

IMG_1084010My last page for the day is a 6×8 photo trimmed to 2- 4×6’s with a wood veneer embellishment from the Build Story Kit.

Thank you again for stopping by today! I’ll be back tomorrow with more of Wednesday’s spread.

A Week in our Life…

I’m finally getting around to putting together my Week in the Life album for 2015 (and loving it!!). in progress

I was undecided if I was going to participate in documenting our week (August 17th-23rd) right up until the very last minute. And then I read this article by Rachel Stafford and it gave me goose bumps. I felt like it was meant for me at that very moment.

It’s been pretty quiet around here (my blog) the last few months. Our family has been challenged in ways I never imagined would ever happen to us (…but nobody ever thinks it could happen to them, right?).  So to give a little context to what was going on in our lives during this week, my husband and I had separated, I had been single parenting for a few months, and I was feeling pretty low about life in general. Without a doubt, there was a voice in my head saying “why would I want to document this? I don’t want to remember any of it!!”. The situation I found myself in sucked. I didn’t want to be there, but I was.  Reading Rachel’s article was the reminder I needed that I am not alone in this journey and sharing our stories, especially when they’re not perfect, especially when you find yourself living a life you never dreamed for yourself and OWNING your story IS living. So I did it. And I realized that as much as my situation impacted all areas of my life at that time, IT wasn’t my whole life.

This week, I’m excited to share how my album is coming together. I’m using a combination of kits and whatever inspires me. Pretty much all of my supplies are from Ali Edwards’ 2015 Week in the Life Kit (both the physical and digital products) and my Story Kits.

Here’s what our Monday looked like…

WITL Monday 1

This wasn’t my original first page (you’ll see it when I flip the page), but the idea of not having the flow of our day in some sort of start to finish order was driving me crazy. Early mornings can mean weird lighting, so I made my photos black and white, which really helped unify the page instead of having competing colours. I typed my journaling on the photos before printing them. And I’m now seriously crushing on the black/white/yellow combination of colours. It pops up a couple of times throughout my album.

WITL Monday 2

The journaling card is a digital version from the Week in the Life 2015 collection turned printable. I recoloured the bottom half black in photoshop elements (it had been blue) and added a bit of journaling before printing. I printed my photos at home on glossy photo paper and everything else is matte photo paper. That awesome little wood veneer “Monday” is also from the Week in the Life kit.

WITL Monday 3

Monday was “Super Hero” day at Liam’s summer day camp and so he got to wear a costume. He’s got SO MANY to choose from but Buzz is still his favourite (he’s on his second one now after outgrowing the first one)! It wasn’t costume day at Emily’s day care, but she insisted on wearing her Minnie dress. And I’m not one to argue about that. Let them be little, right? 🙂

WITL Monday 4

I am so in love with the full page 6×8 photos in this album! I love using the white space to add some digital art and journaling, and still having room to add embellishments without it feeling too crowded. The black and white stripe strip across the bottom is something you’ll see repeated each day (love it!). And I finally got up the courage to stop hoarding those awesome tags from the GO Story Kit and putting all my chipboard pieces from other previous story kits to good use. The tiny word strip is also from the Week in the Life kit.

WITL Monday 5

More full page 6×8 photo love with typed journaling and a tiny word strip. That cute little heart wooden button is from Shimelle’s line. Mixing up the sizes of the pages throughout my album is something I love to do. This spread has a 3×8 insert. The “enjoy the little things…” card is actually part of the packaging from the Little Things story kit that I trimmed down and added a small 3×2 photo to. I love the way Ali uses index tabs to her inserts and totally wanted that in my own album as well. You’ll see later in the week that I ran out of tabs and had to improvise with a few other ways to tab my inserts…

WITL Monday 6

I used a LOT of the Black and White Story kit throughout this album. The 4×6 card quoting Sirius Black is awesome 🙂

WITL Monday 7

I see the question come up a lot…”how do you document the hard stuff in life?” or “do you include the bad stuff in your scrapbooking?”. I felt like it was still important to include, but it didn’t really have to be out there on display for everyone to see. So I’ve tucked some hidden journaling into a few spots throughout my album.

WITL Monday 8

Also, I’m still totally hooked on Geo tags… This spread’s got an insert with chipboard tabs attached with my tiny attacher instead of index tabs (this one is from the Little Things Story Kit).

WITL Monday 10

On the back of the insert, I enlarged one of the digital cards from the Little Things Story Kit to about 4.5 x 6 (same as the photo on the front) and decided to jot down some of Liam’s favourite things. He’s totally into writing lists of his favourite things right now (and he’s doing such a good job at sounding out the words!!). If I were to do this insert over again, I would have him write the list instead of me… I guess I’ll just have to make a layout instead 😉

WITL Monday 11

The “evening” card on the rights side is a favourite for me too. I used a digital version of this card (originally 4×6 from the AM/PM Story kit) and turned it into a 3×4. I just love the way it looks. I kept the upper right pocket see through with a transparent star and word strip.

WITL Monday 12

A few iPhone timered selfies of “getting stuff done” after the kids went to bed (wonky colours = black and white). And I really loved that quote card, which is again from the packaging in the Build story kit.

WITL Monday 13

I stitched around the edges to turn this card into a pocket and tucked a bit more journaling inside.

I’ll post my “Tuesday” tomorrow!

(Also, wanted to share that our family is working through the hurdles. We’re no longer separated, and really enjoying our time together as a family of four again. After the hardest 7 months of my life, I never thought I’d be saying that. You just never know what tomorrow will bring…)

Thank you so much for stopping by!



What have I been up to lately…

The short answer is LOTS!! The last few weeks of April + the month of May really filled up quickly. First thing I want to tell you about is my Guest role over on the October Afternoon blog 🙂 Every Friday in the month of May I’ll be sharing a project that I made with October Afternoon’s most recent release, “Treasure Map”. It’s full of beautiful blues and aquas and woodgrain and stars…pretty much all of my favourite things. I’ve been such a long time fan of October Afternoon, being invited to share my work with them is ridiculously exciting! You can learn a little bit more about me in my Q&A/Intro post last week here. detail 3And I’ll have a new post up tomorrow sharing a Project Life spread that I think turned out pretty great 🙂 Over on the Big Picture Classes blog, I’m sharing a super simple tutorial for DIY Photocards to get ready for Mother’s Day this weekend.DIYphotocard1 I’ve got two new layouts coming up in Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook class over at Studio Calico this month! I’m so sorry to say that registration for this class is currently closed, but keep an eye out because it may become available again in the future!PBaldwin_Sketch1_detail PBaldwin_Sketch4_detail And one of the projects I’m most excited about right now…I’ll be contributing a few projects for Ali Edwards’ new 12 week class “Type”. typeClass started April 20th and I’m sorry to say that this one isn’t currently open for registration either. BUT, I believe there may be plans in the works to re-release it in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that! In between all of that, I celebrated my 34th birthday (thank you to my amazing friends for the awesome “afternoon tea”! You guys are seriously the best 🙂 ),IMG_1999worked my butt off to develop a training program to teach nurses how to do Stem Cell collections, wrote my Oncology Nursing Exam, and found myself on a very unexpected detour in this life journey…still trying to navigate that one. I’ve got some exciting things in store for June and July and can’t wait to share them with you soon 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by today guys! I really do appreciate it. Pam

Hello friends!!

Things have been a little quiet around this space for the last few weeks, but it’s definitely NOT  due to a lack of crafty projects!! In fact, it’s exactly the opposite! Lots of exciting things in the works that I can’t wait to share more about 🙂

First up, I am so very excited to be a contributor to Studio Calico’s February class “On the Grid”, led by the amazingly talented (and Canadian!) Marcy Penner. The list of people contributing to this class is incredible…seriously! As cool as it is to be a contributor, I’m actually more excited about being a class participant. Tonnes of inspiration to be had from these ladies, for sure!! Here’s a little sneak peak of my project.SC on the grid sneak  It’ll be exclusive to the class, so I guess you’ll just have to sign up if you want to see more 😉

Then, I got an invite to be one of the “Guest Storytellers” for Ali Edwards’ Story Kits and Story Stamps for theme of “Gatherings”. Let me back up a bit and explain what a huge deal this is for me! I’ve always been an HUGE Ali fan. Without a doubt, it’s her style and approach to scrapbooking that got me hooked on this hobby in the first place! I’m not sure I would be doing this today had I not come across Ali’s articles in the “Creating Keepsakes” magazines 6ish years ago. When just the idea of the Story Kits was announced last fall, they went straight to the top of my Christmas list! I may have “helped” Santa along a bit and signed up for those babies ASAP. The kits are really and truly perfect, but the online classroom content that accompanies the subscription every single month…. I have no words. Ali has a way of presenting the themes each month that make me want to cry (in a good way!!) because they resonate so deeply. Best scrapbooking purchase I have ever made…EVER. I’m not trying to sell you on a kit. I just really honestly believe that. When I was invited to be a guest storyteller, it took about a nanosecond for me to say “YES!!!”. So my guesting gig goes live tomorrow (February 1st)! I’m sharing 2 layouts and a lengthy process video that are exclusive to the classroom. Here’s a little peek…AE Gatherings sneek 3 AG Gatherings sneek 1 AE Gatherings sneek 2

But that’s not all, nope, that is not all… I’ve been working my butt off on a new BIG project! So big that I don’t even have all of the details about it yet…ha!! But I can give you a little peek:sneak peek 1 sneak peek 2AND…I’ve got a couple projects all finished up for the AE Digital Design Team 🙂 This layout came together with the “Enough” digital stamp setAE EnoughAE Enough detailThe story is real. But the stamp set, that’s what inspired me to tell it.

You may remember that my as part of my One Little Word (Reflect) this year, I wanted to start a Gratitude Journal. I ended up making one for myself using a favourite photo and the digital “2015 date stamps”. I’m hoping to have another post up soon to show you what’s inside and how it came together 🙂 Gratitude journalWhile I was at it, I made a little art/story journal for Liam too!Art journalSo, that’s pretty much filled up my January! I didn’t realize how much I’d actually accomplished until I put this post together. There’s still lots of work to do, but I’m excited about it! I want to say “the finish line is in sight”, but that’s not really true because I think it’s really just the beginning…and I’m excited to see what’s next 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


One Little Word…


source: http://aliedwards.com/shop/classes/one-little-word

One Little Word…. Have you heard about this project? It’s really pretty cool. Like so many other people out there, I stink at New Year’s resolutions. But this concept of picking one little word…that just seems so much more manageable! I first heard about it a few years ago in an Ali Edwards blog post. The idea is that you pick one word (or sometimes, it picks you!) that you’d like to welcome into your life and focus on for the year. It’s a tool that helps bring about personal growth and change, and help you live the life you want to live. It’s really inspiring! Every December/January, I find myself thinking about what my word will be for the year. My words have floated in and out of focus throughout the year, sometimes holding on tight in the forefront of my memory, other times they feel like a little whisper in the background, and quite honestly, there are times that I’ve forgotten entirely what the word was I chose in the first place. This year, the word “Reflect” made itself known. I can’t get it out of my head! There are so many things this word could invite into my life, and it’s got me feeling really motivated this year. I’ve got a couple things I’d like to do with this word: 1) I’ve been wanting to begin a gratitude journal for a while now. I’m finding it so easy to slip into a negative mind set and truthfully, that’s just not how I want to live my life. It does not make me happy. I’ve been blessed with a  pretty great life. It’s not perfect, but there is so much to be thankful for, and I need to do a better job at recognizing that. I want to spend a bit of time every day to reflect on the positive and give thanks. 2) I’ve been watching my kids and how they interact with each other in those moments when we’re at home, just the three or four of us. I know kids will be kids. I know they’re learning about personal space and boundaries. But sometimes what I see scares the heck out of me. There’s a tone in Liam’s voice when he loses patience with Emily or he feels the need to scold her. In those moments, it’s so painfully obvious that he’s learned that from us. We have treated him that way, even if we’re not aware of it at the time. Me. I play a role in that. In those moments, it’s like having my own gut wrenching faults reflected right back at me. I get angry with him for behaving that way, but obviously, I’m really just angry with myself. I want that reflection to change. I want our home to be filled with love and kindness and patience, not anger and frustration. I think this will always be a work in progress, but I want my behavior to reflect those values. Lead by example, right? And I’m going to try to pay more attention to that reflection. 3) Our home…it’s a disaster. It’s constantly cluttered, toys everywhere, leftover dishes all over the house, piles of laundry, handles falling off the kitchen cupboards. This environment reflects our life right now in a lot of ways…chaos. I want our environment to reflect a calm and peaceful and organized life. So it’s time to clean up. Saying it like that feels a little overwhelming, because really, there’s SO MUCH TO DO. It’s okay. It doesn’t all need to happen at once. But it’s something I’d like to work towards this year. 4) Once I decided on the word “Reflect”, I went looking for quotes and images that were a good fit for my intentions, and this one popped up.

found on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/109845678385361321/

And that is exactly it!! I want my choices to reflect my values. How I spend my time. How I spend my money. How I care for myself and my family.


That’s my word for 2015.

I’m quite certain this word is going to have an impact on other areas of my life this year as well. To help me keep my word more visible throughout the year, I’ve signed up for Ali’s 2015 One Little Word Class. Each month there’s a new prompt  introduced in the online classroom. The prompts often have a creative twist/task, but the purpose is really to help you reflect and connect with your word and see your progress. You work through the lessons and prompts completely at your own pace. There’s also a HUGE online community of supportive and encouraging people working through the same prompts for their own words. Connecting with other people and hearing their stories is really pretty awesome. I’ve taken quite a few of Ali’s classes in the past, and they are worth every penny, seriously. The content and community and support are the best I’ve EVER seen in an online education forum. So I’m excited 🙂 And ready to get started. I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s going throughout the year! Thanks so much for listening.

A note to my little graduate…

In June, we got to attend Liam’s Preschool “graduation” (there were actually 2 of them, this was the second one).  It. was. awesome! Seriously! They did a big musical performance with props and routines for all their songs…my favourite was “Let It Go”, from Frozen. And it became very clear that this boy is not really into the whole “performing in front of an audience”, in the traditional sense. We watched as he inched forward ever so slowly from the front row until he was far enough from the group to run to us during the middle of the performance. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes! We had to bribe him with the promise of cake if he went back to finish singing with his classmates. He was silly, and goofy, and perfectly happy just being himself.

A few days later, a friend from highschool shared a link to a video of Jim Carrey making a commencement speech on Facebook.

And man was it good!!! Like, profoundly good.  It made me wonder, if I had heard those words earlier in my life, would I have chosen this same path? Who knows! But this message is definitely one that I want to share with my kids when they’re making decisions about their own paths one day.

And that is how this scrapbook layout was born…A note to my graduate This layout was actually in the works for a veeeerrry long time.  I just couldn’t settle on a way to design/embellish it. Then Ali Edwards released the “Be Brave” digital stamps, and everything clicked! I used a digital template from Studio Calico’s Pen and Paper class, which really helped keep the focus on the words while featuring a favourite photo. I kept the embellishments super simple with a few pieces of wood veneer from Studio Calico (here), acrylic stars (from this kit), and a strip of patterned paper (from this kit). I added some digital word art from Ali’s Prompt stamps to the photo and built the title with the hand written “be brave” stamp. The other fonts in the title are “Impact Label” and “Traveling Typewriter” (and they’re free from dafont.com). A note to my graduate title

The journaling is pretty much directly from Jim Carrey’s speech… because they are perfect. And there’s a little note from me to Liam at the beginning. A note to my graduate journaling

I love that last line too….”…don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

Thanks so much for stopping by today!