October Stories

This month’s Digital Kit from Ali Edwards has got lots of fun elements, perfect for Halloween and fall! My personal favourites from this collection are all the hand written quotes in the journaling cards, and that stamp set is pretty awesome too 🙂

I’ve made 2 projects so far with this month’s kit. The first one is a 2 page 9×12 spread for my Project Life album.

I love apple picking! It’s absolutely in my top 3 favourite things about Fall. We made it our mission to get to the orchard on this weekend (and apparently eeeeeeverybody else had the same idea. It was packed!) I’m still glad we did it.

I finally tried out the large format option on my printer (I bought a Canon Pixma iP8720 this summer and could not be more thrilled with it!). I added some digital word art and a few super simple embellishments from my stash to the 9×12 photo for the left side of my spread. (That little rubber apple charm is actually from the “Eat” Story Kit earlier this year in case you still have it in your stash too! Lots of good opportunities to use that kit this fall 🙂 )

The right side of this spread is also a 9×12 pocket page. Still really loving that size. And all of the stories on this page are from the same day. That rarely happens, but I kind of love how it worked out here. I surprised the kids with a few new books about Thanksgiving. (We celebrated our Thanksgiving here in Canada on Monday, October 9th). And of course they were thrilled. We sat and snuggled and read stories for a good hour or so on Sunday morning and I honestly can’t think of a better way to start the day.

After breakfast and groceries and Liam’s karate lesson, we made it to the apple orchard for picking. Like I said, super busy!! So much so, that there weren’t really many apples left to pick, but somehow we still managed to fill our basket (probably a little more than we needed to). Liam learned how to shine an apple with his shirt. And at one point, Emily was eating 3 different apples at the same time 😉

We joined my parents for dinner and brought along a new game of Junior Monopoly we had picked up that morning. Trying to be a little more conscious of how we spend our time together. The game was definitely a hit, because the kids were up by 6am Monday morning playing it again. Loved adding that Sunday journaling card, which has been hanging out in my stash for years!

I went back to my photos from last Halloween so I could play with the Halloween themed elements in this month’s kit…and realized I didn’t document ANY of it last year! I made up for it with this layout, capturing little stories about all the big moments from last year’s celebrations 🙂

The digital stamp made a perfect title. I went ahead and added a few little embellishments from last year’s “After Dark” collection by Crate Paper. (Funny, I BOUGHT Halloween supplies to make scrapbook pages last year, but I never got around to actually USING them. At least they’re ones I still love 😉 )

I decided on a digital photo template to be able to add lots of photos from the month of October 2016. I used this one (“Slanted 8.5×11 layered templates” by Ali Edwards). As I went through my photo library, I jotted down the dates that each picture was taken and used it as the jumping off point for my journaling.

And then I went ahead and typed up the stories. I didn’t realize it was going to take up quite so much space! My text box kept getting bigger and bigger and I had to shrink my text down to a type size 9 to get it all to fit. I’m happy those stories made it down on paper, and it’ll be fun to look at this again in the years to come 🙂

Looking forward to lots more stories this month! Happy October 🙂

September Stories

The September Digital Kit is now available in Ali Edwards’ shop! It’s loaded with elements to celebrate all the things that go along with the changing seasons, like the first day of school and labor day weekend, and even celebrating whichever season of life you happen to be in right now. I’ve made 3 projects with this month’s kit so far. Here’s a closer look:

Emily started Kindergarten this year and she’s totally ready to take the world by storm. She was so brave on her first day! And Liam was super sweet. He’s just as excited for her as she is and did everything he could to help ease some of those first day nerves, like holding her hand all the way to her door and promising to meet her at recess 🙂 Totally “embracing the changes of the seasons and life” right now! (Love that quote from the chipboard set)

I used the digital leaf stamp (erased the oval shape around it) and stamped them right on top of my 8.5 x 11 photo in Photoshop Elements before printing it out. I turned the “first day” chipboard into a tag for the title (love how it turned out!), and printed my journaling onto another tag. It’s been a while since I’ve made a full page photo layout, and it was a fun one to pull together!

Fall is for sure my favourite season. I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and all things wood grain! This month’s kit prompted the story of a “new season of life” for me now that both of my kids are in school full-time. For the last 7 years, my days off have never really been my days off because I’ve been “mommy” around the clock (at least whenever I’m not at work). With both kids in school now, I’ve actually got a day or two a week to myself (!!). Of course it gets filled with all the things that “have” to be done like laundry and groceries and cleaning. But I’m really looking forward to getting those things done uninterrupted. I have hope, for the first time in many many years, that our house might “actually” be clean, and you have no idea how happy that makes me! (it’s the little things 😉 )

I created the woodgrain background page with a 3×4 card from Becky Higgins Digital Project Life – Everyday Edition, by Liz Tamanaha. I enlarged it to fill in a full 8.5 x 11 canvas in Photoshop elements and printed it onto matte photopaper. It turned out great!! Obsessed with the leaf digital stamp. I used it again to add some detail to the background here, along with the quote card word art. I also printed the “transitions” digital stamp on that little tag on the bottom right. It may very well be my favourite part of this entire page 🙂

After working with the 6×8 format for the summer, I’m actually really excited to be going back to 9×12 to document our fall in Project Life. Starting September off with journaling cards and stamps from the September digital kit.

We upgraded to a king sized bed last week (heavenly!!) and everyone was pretty excited to check it out. “Fall in love with moments” (digital stamp) was the perfect addition to that photo of my pile of people. Really liked the design of that September card! And the only thing I did to the “end of summer” card was add my journaling. They were perfect, just as they were 🙂

There’s a new burger place in town that’s AMAZING!! Emily got to try her first Ice Cream Float. Needless to say, that was a HUGE winner. They even have Popcorn with bacon and parmesan cheese as an appetizer. I made the “Labor Day Weekend” card from a chipboard piece in the digital kit. And added some actual chipboard from the summer release to the photo of my little lady. Still getting lots and lots of use out of that set.

Consume soup from our favourite Chinese food restaurant and the smell of lumber at the hardware store = two of my favourite things. I changed the colours in the “love this” journaling card by picking out a shade of blue from my husband’s hat from one of the photos above. I like doing that from time to time to make the page look just a little more cohesive.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Hope you’re having a great September so far 🙂

Summer in progress

As we drove past the kids school this morning, we talked about how there’s only 2 weeks left until they’re “back to school” and summer is over. 2 weeks!! And it feels like we’ve hardly done anything on our list. It’s true…there’s a lot that hasn’t been checked off yet. BUT there’s still been a whole lot of living. I’m really enjoying the process of documenting our everyday summer stories in this little 6×8 album, and I thought I’d share a little update on the progress I’ve made so far. (Title Page supplies: Ali Edwards’ July Digital Kit, Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit)

We went to see fireworks this year in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. It’s the first time we’ve taken the kids to a firework event and we all had a great time! It was awesome to share this experience with them, because it was actually the same place that I spent every July 1st as a kid with my family to see the fireworks. On the shuttle bus ride back to the car, they were already asking if we could come back again next year. Pretty sure this will be an annual tradition now 🙂

(supplies: Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook kit, Studio Calico Silver Lake Lodge Main Printable Journal Cards)

I shared this page in my last post, but this is what it looks like in my album. I’m using Ali Edwards 6×8 Story Book in Greige. I should also mention that I purchased the June and July Scrapbook Kits from Gossamer Blue and I’m in LOOOVE!! The kit contents are currently being designed by Geralyn Sy (In a Creative Bubble) and I’m such a fan of her designs!! I added a rubber banner from the July scrapbook kit on my strawberry photo and love that the blue just happened to coordinate with the pics on the left hand side of this spread.

(Supplies: Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit, Ali Edwards July Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Fun Story Kit)

This is another page I shared last month. I wound up adding a little sticker to the “Super Love This” card just for a little something more.

(Supplies: Ali Edwards July Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Bond Story Kit, Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit)

We discovered the face filters on Instagram this summer! Super fun 🙂

(Supplies: Ali Edwards Fun Story Kit, Studio Calico Silver Lake Lodge Documenter Kit)

I made a little change to this spread because that tag from the Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit was just PERFECT!! And I’m trying really hard to use the stuff I love instead of hoarding it 😉

(Supplies: Ali Edwards July Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Fun Story Kit, Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit)

The thing I’m loving about this album is the collection of little stories about big moments, like spending time with my work family. These ladies truly are like a second family to me. They’ve been there from the beginning of my nursing career. They’ve watched me get married, they’ve watched me become a mom, and on this particular evening, we celebrated a very dear friend’s retirement.

(Supplies: Ali Edwards Fun Digital Story Kit)

I pulled this page out of my album for a closer look because that photo on the top right makes me laugh every time. Real life right now 🙂  We were so lucky this summer to be able to have Liam and Emily in the same summer camp group (they go three days a week while I’m at work). And they were pretty darn excited about getting to spend the days together too (they might not be quite as excited now that we’re 7 weeks into summer….but it definitely helped them feel more comfortable in their new environment, knowing they had each other there.

(Supplies: Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit, Gossamer Blue June Life Pages Kit)

Observations (and little stories) about life right now, like 1) the “fidget spinner” sidewalk when we go to soccer every week, 2) her excitement to make her own sandwiches and help pack her lunch (for the record….that enthusiasm has now faded), 3) watching her soccer game from the bleachers, 4) Peanut Butter squares…no longer just a Christmas treat, 5) “Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?” and 6) poop emojis = text messages from the kids. It’s all about the little things!

(Supplies: Studio Calico Silver Lake Lodge Main Printable Journal Cards, Gossamer Blue June Scrapbook Kit, Star transparency (an oldie from my stash…I think it’s from Studio Calico).

One of the things that’s different about this summer is that when I bring a book with me to the park, I actually get to read it! The kids are becoming more independent and are comfortable to play on their own now, which is both awesome and a sure sign that they’re growing up. (The Undoing Project was a great read!! Loved Michael Lewis’ writing style. It’s a real life story about the development of decision making theory and the men who created it. My description doesn’t even scratch the surface, but if you’re a fan of non-fiction, this is one I would definitely recommend.)

(Supplies: Gossamer Blue June Scrapbook Kit, Studio Calico Let’s Go Main Printable Journal Cards, Studio Calico Summer Camp Add On, Ali Edwards Lost and Found Digital Story Kit)

Signs of a good day: crafting, a visit to the farm, playing and slurpees. I have always liked mixing sizes in my albums. I recoloured and resized a digital card from Ali Edwards’ July Digital Kit to  tell the story of this day. Also, from here forward you’re likely going to see a lot of chipboard pieces added to my pages. I ordered the Chipboard Set from Ali Edwards’ summer release and I can’t help myself! Love it!

(Supplies: Ali Edwards July Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack)

Working his way through a summer work book = love this!

(Supplies: Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack)

Documenting this story about her first year of soccer. She loves going! Loves participating in the practice! But when it’s game time, she refuses to play. On this particular Saturday, after arguing with her to at least try, I stood back and watched the scene in front of me. If you’ve ever watched little kid soccer, you have probably witnessed some seriously awesome moments…like the little girl who’s focusing hard on kicking that ball down the field with her tongue sticking out and a little stuffed kitty tucked safely under her arm, or the mob of kids that buzz around chasing the ball off their own field and right into the middle of the game the next field over, or the little boy who uses his “super powers” to stop the approaching players, bending down on one knee and zapping the other players with the imaginary lasers shooting from his outstretched arms. This was the Saturday that I finally realized, I think she doesn’t want to play the game because she’d miss out on the show 😉

(Supplies: Ali Edwards August Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack)

Real life isn’t always fun. Don’t let these smiling little faces fool you…this day was a rough one! I went into it thinking “hey, it’ll be so fun if we get the kids one of those ride on animals to keep them entertained at the mall”…and left with a hoarse voice, more grey hairs, and reality checking my expectations. The “everything will be okay” card was pretty much perfection for this spread 😉

(Supplies: Ali Edwards August Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack)

The very next day, we tagged along to watch my parents go ziplining down Niagara Falls. The falls is only 45 minutes away from home, but we don’t go very often. I’m always surprised by how beautiful it is up close and find myself wondering why we don’t go more often.

(Supplies: Ali Edwards August Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Fun Digital Story Kit, Ali Edwards Lost and Found Digital Story Kit, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack)

We managed to end up with a few weeks of fevers and stomach bugs this summer, but even on those days there are still stories to tell. I passed along my folder of extra and misprinted photos to Liam and Emily so they could work on their own projects and Emily totally ran with it. She said “hey! I’m pretty good at this!” and used several packs of enamel dots on one page 🙂 That’s my girl!

(Supplies: Ali Edwards August Digital Kit, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack, Studio Calico transparency from my stash)

These guys are not bothered in the least about having so many things not checked off our summer list. Quite honestly, we’re all homebodies and are happy to spend our days off just hanging out together. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to watch as they come up with new ways to entertain themselves, whether it’s putting on a “magic show”, watching the construction take place out front, or taking on the role of sleeping beauty and stretching out in the living room window. “Ordinary day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.” Always.

(Supplies: Ali Edwards Day in the Life Summer Journal Card Set, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack, Studio Calico Bluegrass Farm Scrapbook Kit)

This page is still in progress. The left side tells the story of their summer camp trip to African Lion Safari and the right side is one of my favourite pictures from the night we made a fort and camped out in my room together.  I’ve got more photos to add and a story to tell about that experience 🙂

(Supplies:  Studio Calico Let’s Go Main Printable Journal Cards, Studio Calico Summer Camp Add On, In a Creative Bubble Storyteller Journaling Cards, Ali Edwards Summer Chipboard Shape Variety Pack)

And I’m going to finish off today’s post with one last “in progress” page. Because this photo is what I’ll think of when I think about summer 2017 🙂

(Supplies: In A Creative Bubble Summertime Journaling Cards, Gossamer Blue July Scrapbook Kit)

I’ve really enjoyed working on these pages so far! I’m about 2/3rds of the way through our July stories and filling my album up with whichever ones I most want to tell as I scroll through my photo library.  I’ll be sure to post an update as I dig into August. Thanks for stopping by today!





July Stories

Hi friends! Liam reminded me today that we’re already 3 weeks into the summer break. Can you believe that?! 3 weeks!! We’ve been enjoying our extra few days together each week but it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things I’d like to do. The first 3 days started off with a bang…fireworks (still working on that spread), strawberry picking, jam making and a trip to the “lake”. Trust me, the rest of July hasn’t been nearly this eventful, but it has made for a fun start to our summer album.

One of the things we DID manage to accomplish is strawberry picking! It’s one of my favourite traditions and it’s getting easier now that the kids are a bit older. We had our 6 quart basket picked in about 15 minutes. Emily’s an awesome little worker and Liam said “I have an idea! How about if you guys pick them and I’ll eat them?! Okay?” He definitely ate more than he picked 😉 

Keeping things super simple but still getting our stories told…I added the story to a 3×4 digital journaling card from Ali Edwards’ July Digital Kit. I re-coloured the card to a blue shade to coordinate with the blue from the sky in my photos and added just one little embellishment from the Fun Story Kit. I’ve always loved full page photos. This big close up of our strawberries makes my mouth water!

One of the other things on my summer “to-do” list was to make jam this year. Check!! Liam loved it so much, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be another annual tradition. Loved this little moment together 🙂 I used a digital stamp from the June Digital Kit for the “summer stories” circle on the left (popped up with foam tabs). Love how that page turned out!

I made the “super love this” card with a digital stamp from the July Digital Kit., adding it to a greige 3×4 canvas and printing it out. I acutally picked up the colour from one of the jar lids on the opposite page and used it again to recolour the journaling card on the bottom right. This is a super handy trick for maintaining a cohesive look in your pocket page spreads!  The “you and me” rubber charm is from the “Bond” Story Kit.

Gulliver’s Lake is a cool little quarry turned swimming lake not too far from home and we had a great time meeting up there with friends on the holiday Monday. The idea for the “watermelon dress”  pic came from @Averageparentproblems on Instagram 🙂 Super fun!

Again, capturing our summer memories with just a few photos and a little story 🙂 The “weekend adventures” is a digital stamp included in the July Digital Kit, as well as the “memories” journaling card and the “Best Times” chipboard circle (which is actually printed onto matte photo paper and popped up with foam dots).

One of the things I like most about this 6×8 format of memory keeping for the summer is that I get our stories told without having to spend a ton of time on it 🙂 Even if my entire album is made only of full page 6×8 photos and 4-pocket pages, this collection is going to be so great!

Hope you’re having a great summer!


Day in the Life – June 2017

I have a confession. When Day in the Life rolls around, I’m pretty good at getting lots of photos, sort of okay and making lots of notes, and TERRIBLE at actually getting the project completed, on paper, into an album. THIS IS NOT A DIFFICULT THING TO DO!! But when it comes to pulling a project like this together, I’m totally guilty of overthinking how I’m going to do it, to the point where nothing actually gets done.

Not this time. Ta da!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally got one in the books!! Here’s what made it work for me:

  1. The documentation structure. This was the first of 3 “Day in the Life” projects hosted by Ali Edwards, that are planned to occur this year. Each time it’s scheduled, there’s a kit available (digital and physical version, not required but always awesome!!) to go along with it that usually helps focus on a new technique for how to capture your day. This first one was based on time. The idea was that each hour, you would take a photo and write just one related story. I was happy to take the suggestion of setting an alarm on my phone each hour to remind me to do it. This structure made it easy, and I really enjoyed following along!

2. Bringing it together. This is the part that I usually get stuck. The DITL kit (both the digital and physical format) included 3×4 cards with colourful numbers in the upper left hand corner and lots of white space to write your story. Lots of people simply used them to fill in the pockets of a divided page protector alongside their photos. As easy and beautiful as that was, I’m not really in love with the 12×12 size at the moment. I played around with 9×12 formats but I just wasn’t feeling it. And the idea of “designing” a layout seemed like a loooot of work in that moment. Here was my “aha’ moment. I took a look back at the templates from this year’s Week in the Life collection and found one that I thought might work really well. I used the 8.5x 11 version and played around with different orientations for it in PSE. I then decided that I’d punch the times from the journaling cards into circles and use them in place of the existing word art elements that were included with the template. There was plenty of white space in the design to fit in my journaling. Once I started laying it out, I knew it was going to work and I was really excited to get it done!! The final product is 3-8.5 x 11 pages that capture one day in our (my) life.

I think the next DITL is anticipated to happen in the fall and I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by today 🙂

Plans for Summer

June came and went in the blink of an eye. We celebrated the last day of school today (yay!!) and I am really looking forward to the change of pace for the next 2 months.

When summer arrives, it’s a lot harder to convince myself that I “want” to be in my basement at my scrapbook table. It’s not the act of scrapbooking that I’m not a fan of, it’s the location. I’d so much rather be outside in the sunshine, enjoying the breeze, drinking a slurpee and watching my kids play. Knowing this is true (it happens every year), I changed my approach to memory keeping last summer. I downsized to a 6×8 album and created a bucket list of summer things we (I) wanted to do.  My storytelling centred around checking those things off the list. I still wound up with a really good mix of everyday life stuff thrown in there. It worked so well, I plan to repeat that same formula this summer.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m using a 6×8 “Story Book” from Ali Edwards’ new line. I was so so excited to receive this one (in “greige”) when I attended Story Camp at the beginning of the month! It’s truly a beautiful album, and if you happen to be looking for a 6×8 album, I can honestly say the quality of these ones is fantastic. For this first page, I turned one of the journaling cards from the June Digital Kit into a cut file, cut it with my silhouette, and added it to a heavy weight transparency along with a recent family photo (Father’s Day at Medieval Times! Super fun 🙂 )

 On the back of the transparency, I created a little card with our (my) “summer bucket list” of to-do’s. I created the journaling card in the upper right pocket by repeating a digital stamp (“find your summer joy”) across a 3×4 canvas and added one of the digital chipboard elements with a foam dot (“hello summer”). These elements as well as the banner across that wood veneer camera are all from the June Digital kit. The camera itself was from a past Story Kit (“Click”). I used the other half on a layout 2 years ago and couldn’t bring myself to part with the rest of it. I’m so glad I kept it!This is probably my current favourite photo of Emily. She was goofing around on the back of Brett’s chair while we were at Liam’s soccer practice one evening and I grabbed my phone to snap a quick pic. When I got home later that night, I took a look at the June Digital Kit and the quote card felt like it was meant to be!!! I extracted the handwritten text from the digital card and added it right on top of my photo and I just loooooove it. I’m considering blowing this one up for somewhere in my house. But for now, it’s printed 6×8 and has a home in our summer album.

One of the things I love most about the 6×8 size is that it doesn’t feel quite as intimidating to experiment a bit with different mediums. I love the look of layers in my little albums, with transparencies and vellum and see through pockets. I used another one of the digital stamps to create the pink patterned background and printed it on vellum. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll incorporate it into my album yet. I may add it to a custom sized page protector, or I might just punch holes in the edge and include it as is.

My plan for the rest of the album is to make good use of the upcoming digital kits and shop my stash (which is in need of purging right about now). I’m looking forward to sharing my progress throughout the summer!

One last quick share before I sign off for today. I’m pretty sure we’re one of the last regions to finish up the school year, but in case you need some quick teacher thank you’s, I whipped up these adorable photo tags with a digital stamp (again with the June Digital Kit) and a photo, printed on matte photo paper and cut into the shape of a tag.   They add a sweet little personal touch for the super special people who help us make it through the year. Always thankful for our village.

Thank YOU for stopping by today 🙂


May Stories

I seriously can’t believe it’s the end of May. This was a very full month in our house and it made the time fly. Here are the stories I told with Ali Edwards’ May digital kit.

The May kit is filled with lots of awesome sentiments for themes about mamas and friendships and girl-time and self care. So many story prompts, which is always a welcome creative kick-start. My first project was absolutely inspired by the Mother’s day journaling cards. I don’t think I’ve ever made a page about my mom before and it felt so great to get these words down on paper!

I had fun looking back at photos of the two of us together to include in this layout, and I realized that it’s been a long time since we took a picture together. So we fixed that situation 🙂 The design inspiration came from a sketch included in week 2 of Studio Calico’s Summer of Sketches class. (I’ll be contributing a layout to the class later next month).

We celebrated Emily’s 4th birthday this month, and it was completely magical! I’ve got LOTS of photos from her party, but truthfully, I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to pull them together into a project. So for now, I’ve got my favourite photo from her big day and the story written down. If I never get anything else done to scrapbook her birthday this year, I can honestly say I’m satisfied with this as “enough”. I used a digital stamp from the May digital kit and recoloured one of the journaling cards to bring this layout together. This was a really fun one to work on!

The design here was inspired by a layout that popped up in my Pinterest feed by Tina Aszmus (aka. Life.Love.Paper).

The Story Kit theme this month is “Brave” (which will be available until the 12th of June). There’s a long story here about how I found this theme to be a real challenge, how I really took Ali’s words from the main presentation about taking this opportunity to tell a hard story to heart, and ultimately the realization that being brave happens in the everyday moments of real life.

I’m getting ready to hop on a plane in the next few hours to head to Story Camp! I’m equal parts excited and nervous, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

April Stories

So so many stories about April. As I sat down to begin working with the April Digital Kit by Ali Edwards, I looked through my pictures and started a list of all the things that have happened so far this month. It’s loooooong. A lot of them are just little stories about everyday life right now that will be a perfect fit for our Project Life album. And there’s a few that have my heart and deserve a bit more attention. This month, I chose to make 2 hybrid layouts with the April Digital Kit to tell those longer stories.

Easter morning. Our day started at 3:58 am. I imagine that one day it will be a struggle to get these guys out of bed in the morning, but that day seems pretty far away with these two early birds. The design for this layout was completely inspired by a super talented scrapbooker, Steffi Ried. I’ve seen her work in the Studio Calico gallery, on Pinterest and Instagram and it just takes my breath away. My version really doesn’t do her’s justice, and I’d highly recommend you go check it out for yourself 🙂

I loved the egg shaped chipboard pieces in the digital kit! I repeated the shape with my pictures and organized the shapes to create a frame around my title (digital stamp). Just this morning, Emily was looking at a video on my phone from Easter morning and even if the mornings are early, the excitement from these two almost makes it worth it. Almost.

Easter Monday. The kids and I had the day off. We took our time getting up and going on this wonderfully lazy day, but we definitely did not waste the day away. We packed up their scooters and kites, made a picnic lunch and headed to the Bayfront park for the afternoon. It was seriously the best day, and I knew I wanted to remember it with a big photo and a scrapbook layout the moment we got home.

The design for this page was inspired by the new collection of 2017 Week in the Life Digital Templates. There are a variety of sizes available, but I stuck with the 8.5 x 11 template here. I print and cut the title from the template onto matte photo paper and popped it up off the page with foam dots. I also used those egg shaped chipboard pieces from the April Digital kit, but cut them into kites instead. And a little bit of colourful stitching to make our kite tails. This is a fun one, and I’m so happy to have this story in my album.

In other news, I’ve got a new class that just started over at Big Picture Classes all about Hybrid Pocket Pages! It’s perfect for beginners and people who want to learn how to use digital products to make hybrid projects like the ones I share here in this space. It’s the first one in a series of what will hopefully be 3 classes this year. LOTS of videos detailing my process from beginning to end (with a focus on pocket pages for this round, not just the usual weekly Project Life format). I’d love to have you join me over in the classroom 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

March Stories

I’m having a hard time believing that April is just one week away. Seriously. March has flown by, so I thought I’d share a few of the projects I made this month for Ali Edwards’ Creative Team.

March is a big birthday month for us! Liam and Brett’s birthdays are just 4 days apart. I haven’t made a page yet about Liam’s birthday (which was awesome and crazy and busy), but I did jot a few things about how we celebrated Brett’s big day this year. This hybrid 8.5 x 11 layout came together with the March digital kit. I enlarged the “march stories” digital stamp (definitely one of my favourite pieces from the collection) to make the background here.

LOVED how excited Liam and Emily were about his birthday 🙂 They gave him lots of love that day, sharing the Pikachu birthday pin, insisting that they both sit beside him for meals, and letting everyone know everywhere we went “today’s my dad’s birthday!”

Right after birthdays, March break started. We wound up with the first big snow fall of the whole winter and I was so excited to take the kids sledding! This is a 2 page 6×8 hybrid layout, inspired in part by this awesome design I came across on Pinterest.

Super simple but pretty much perfect. I enlarged this 3×4 card from the March Digital kit to 4×6 and attached it to the oversized 12×8 photo with a few pieces of washi tape.

This month’s Story Kit theme is Eat! And it totally stumped me at first. (crazy right) There’s got to be a million stories that relate to this topic, but it took me a while to realize that the one I wanted to tell most was this little snapshot about what dinner time looks like these days. It’s not at all glamorous. In fact, just the other day the words “no more fart noises at the table unless they’re coming from your but” were spoken. For real. I used the digital plastic circles, the title from one of the journaling cards, and you might be able to very faintly spot the story notepad in the background of the journaling page to create this 2 page 8.5×11 layout. And those little utensils are my FAVOURITE!! In the physical kit, they’re wood veneer pieces, but you can print/cut any colour you like from the digital elements. As stressful as dinner time feels most days, I’m truly thankful for the time we get to spend together. And now I’ve got LOTS more story ideas for this theme. Looking forward to working on those in the coming weeks.

Hoping to spend some time catching up with our Project Life album again in the next few weeks! Thanks so much for stopping by today 🙂

Week In the Life 2017

Anyone else planning to play along with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life™ this year? I’ve been joining in every year since 2011 with varying degrees of “success”.  I don’t have a completed album for every year, but participating anyway has resulted in some of my most favourite photos in the history of ever, and that alone is a good enough reason!! My goal for this year is to be more on top of the “real time” journaling, jotting down some of the little conversations that happen around here on a daily basis, and expanding a bit more on the facts and feelings that go along with the stuff of life.

We’ve been incredibly lucky as part of the Creative Team to get to play with this year’s kit and a few of the new Week in the Life™ products! Here’s what I’ll be working with this year (in addition to the digital products, anticipated to be released in April):

Last year’s album is one of the one’s that didn’t get completed. I’ve got hundreds of time stamped photos from the week, but very little journaling about the specifics of what was going on at the time. I’ve been spending some time this week looking back at those photos and printing them out to play around with this year’s kit. Every time I do that, I find the pages come together so easily and find myself wondering why it felt like such a huge job at the time! It gets me motivated to go back and finish it up.

Here’s what some of those pages are looking like (and why I’m really wanting to buy a second kit):

First of all, those wood veneer days of the week, LOVE THEM!!! I’d buy and hoard several packages if they were available individually. The colours in this year’s kit are seriously a perfect blend of classic neutrals and fun pops of rainbow colours. The font used in the big chipboard alpha is lovely. Super clean lines and sized approximately 2×3 for a perfectly centred fit in the 3×4 pockets. I’ve always loved full page 6×8 photos, and the gigantic days of the week acetate die cuts (sized around 4×6) are a really fun addition to the kit this year!I’m just not sure if I’ll keep them separate for each day of the week or put them together for in intro page at the beginning of the album. Love the 2×2 pocket pages, but I’m not always sure what to fill them with. They’re perfect for a collection of similar photos. And there’s lots of embellies in this year’s kit that almost look like they were made for them. Those chipboard squares are awesome!In addition to the kit, there are some new products that have been released in Ali’s shop that compliment the Week in the Life products, including silk screens and additional stamp sets.

If you’re hoping to play along with this year’s Week in the Life project (or curious to learn more!), here’s what you need to know:

  • You can do this project anytime you like, but it’s always more fun to join in with a group of like minded people 🙂 April 17th-23rd is the “official” week in the life date for this year.
  • Super awesome page and detailed description about this project right here.
  • You don’t have to have a kit to participate! The point of the project is to document an in depth look at one week in your life with photos and journaling, and a lot of people put it all into an album. If you’d LIKE to work with a kit to bring it all together, there are 2 new one’s that have been released for this year that include an album, page protectors, journaling cards and awesome embellishments. Both are still available as I write this. There are also a few of last year’s kits still in the shop and a huge assortment of other coordinating items to check out. You can check them out here.
  • If you want the opportunity to chat with other participants, check out the Facebook group for Craft the Story and/or Week in the Life.
  • There will be LOTS of posts on Instagram about this project. Look for #weekinthelife, #witl, and if you’ld like to see what the Creative Team is working on, look for #aecreativeteam

It’s going to be fun! Thanks so much for stopping by today!